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Hydraulic Power Unit Health Monitoring System

Intelliguard is an intelligent hydraulic power unit health monitoring system consisting of temperature, level and particle sensors as well as a programmable controller. These components will work together to inform the HPU owner of the status of the HPU’s fluid condition and alert them to trends indicating potential problem areas. Intelliguard can be tied into the existing machine and/or plant control system to provide automated alerts of impending trouble.  In addition, visual indicators will be provided to provide at-a-glance HPU health status.

Varnish & Damage Due to Burned Oil

Monitoring HPU fluid temperature is important to prevent component failures. As hydraulic fluid temperatures exceed 140°F, the fluid starts to break down, decreasing the fluid’s wear protection properties. The results, if left unchecked, are component damage and erratic system performance.

Intelliguard Assembly

Varnish damage caused by burned oil causes costly failures in hydraulic power unit components and lead to lengthy down time. Intellimotion’s new Intelliguard System is a multi-stage system that offers several levels of monitoring in order to prevent the costly damage to a HPU caused by poor fluid conditions.