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Utilizing Advantech’s WebOp series operator interface, Intellimotion has successfully developed integrated motion control systems. The multiple communication protocol options on the WebOp HMI allows for integration of controllers from multiple manufacturers without the need for separate communication protocol converters.

Integrated Motion Control Systems

Typical Applications

A typical application will involve a PLC from a manufacturer such as Allen-Bradley or WAGO and a dedicated motion controller from Delta Computer Systems. Systems offer communication protocols via Ethernet I/P or Modbus TCP.

WebOp Advantage

The WebOp HMI bridges the gap between the various devices allowing us to eliminate the need for physical I/O connections to trigger motion commands or pass position parameters between controllers. This information is now passed between controllers via the Ethernet connection, allowing for smaller PLC and motion controller configurations as well as a dramatically simplified system design. In addition, the WebOp provides the ability to monitor various status registers in the Delta Computer Systems motion controller, permitting faster diagnostic and troubleshooting of an electro-hydraulic motion control system, without the need for connecting a technicians computer to the control system. The HMI offers evaluation of system performance by providing data on actuator position and velocity, valve command, status and error bits, etc. Performance parameters are also easily accessible on the HMI allowing operators to quickly adjust motion profiles.

For a cleaner, more efficient and powerful system design, consider including an Advantech WebOp operator interface in your next motion control system.

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